Terrifying footage shows massive moor fire heading towards Oldham village

@Alix_Walker / Twitter

Terrifying footage shows a massive moorland fire heading towards an Oldham village.

The blaze was one of five separate blazes in and around Greater Manchester in just 24 hours, leaving firefighters stretched to deal with them all.

Fire tore through land between Diggle, Denshaw and Delph, just near Saddleworth, another hit Marsden Moor in West Yorkshire, and Tintwistle in Derbyshire was also affected by flames.

On top of that, Monday evening saw Shaw Moor in Stalybridge hit by another blaze, while flames were also seen on the hills above Uppermill in Oldham.

Images and footage from the Uppermill blaze have been circulated on social media, showing massive flames scorching the moors outside the village, and getting scarily close to people’s houses.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said six fire engines were attending the scene by 9pm, with the first crews called to Uppermill at 7pm.

Thankfully the fire seems to have been put out now, but it left devastation in its wake, gutting the hills nearby and leaving the land charred and burnt.

Dozens of fire crews were called out yesterday to tackle the separate incidents, with specialist wildfire units called in to assist them. Helicopters were used to scoop thousands of gallons of water from nearby reservoirs which were dropped onto the flames.

Hopefully this will be a reminder for people to never play with flames, discard cigarettes or have a bbq on the moorland when the weather is like this.

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