Tesco is selling a Baileys strawberries and cream cake


Baileys have designed a delightfully decadent cake baked with sponge, strawberries and cream... and it's unsurprisingly it's creating a bit of a frenzy online. 

Tesco appears to be the sole big-name stockist in possession of this mouth-watering dessert - which is available for £8 in store right now.

It's also supposed to be big enough for 12 servings. But we doubt that somehow.

Any shopper lucky enough to get their hands on this irresistible dessert isn't likely to stick to the standard definition of what constitutes a normal "slice", are they?

Peter McDermott/Geograph

Topped with Baileys-flavoured frosting, edible decorations, and delicious dried strawberry pieces - this cake ought to be the ideal addition to any summer-themed Afternoon Tea you might be serving in the garden during lockdown.

One bit of bad news is that the cake appears to be unavailable to order online right now, but you can pick one up at your local Tesco in person.

Use the locator tool to pinpoint the closest store to you.

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