The best chips in Greater Manchester have been named

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If there’s one thing we all love in Manchester it’s chips, and we all think our local chippy does the best ones around.

But which chip shop really is number one? Well, wonder no more, as travel site Big 7 has ranked the best chips in each English county, listing them all in a glorious tribute to the beautiful chip.

Big 7 start by saying: “What we can all agree on, is that England is home to some of the finest chip shops in the world. Never mind the French with their Frites or the Americans and their French Fries. England is  – and always will be – home to the best chips in the world.”

The Hip Hop Chip Shop

The finalists were chosen ‘from across the recognised 49 English counties’, and the selected chips had to ‘stand up on their own’ and be the star of the show, with no backing food like fish or sausages to hype them up.

Big 7 took into account online reviews, media coverage and notable blogs, and a panel of food experts also contributed to the final results.

And according to them, the number one chip in Greater Manchester comes from The Hip Hop Chip Shop, located in Manchester city centre over in Ancoats.

According to Big 7:

They do exactly what they say on the tin by mixing hip hop and chips. They have seriously tasty meat and fish options, but the gravy and the chips are where it’s all at. They’re thick and chunky, with crispy skin-on crumbs.

Meanwhile, over the border in Lancashire Black’s Chippy in Halton took the top spot: “Black’s Chippy has only been in business for a few years, but are constantly winning awards and the hearts (and bellies!) of the local community… You’ll struggle to ever have a chip as good anywhere else.”

In the other surrounding areas, The Good Catch in Altrincham was named best in Cheshire, Whitelock’s Ale House in Leeds the best in West Yorkshire, George’s in Chellaston the best in Derbyshire, and Byrnes in Liverpool the best in Merseyside.

I’m sure you’ll have a strong opinion on this, so please let us know in the comments who you think does the best chips around here.

You can check out the full list here.

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