The Manc - The Grinch spotted driving convertible down East Lancs Road"

The Grinch spotted driving convertible down East Lancs Road

Julian D Sorfleet

It looks like The Grinch is stealing Christmas in style this year.

The infamously anti-festive creature was spotted in Greater Manchester this weekend - razzing down the East Lancs Road in a snazzy convertible with some funky shades to match.

Julian Sorfleet and his family caught a glimpse of the grumpy green thief on Sunday evening and recorded a video; sharing the screenshots on Facebook group Mint Manchester.

Julian D Sorfleet

“We were heading to Prestwich from our home in Wigan to see my dad, as we always do on a Sunday,” Julian told The Manc.

“My daughter Molly was sat in the front of the van, and at the Greyhound Island roundabout she said: ‘Look, The Grinch is driving that car!’

“He was a few cars in front of us, and for while all we could see was a Santa hat. It took until the junction of Newearth Road to catch up to him.

“My son, Ben, who was sat behind my wheelchair, took the video. He managed to get these shots.

“It’s not every day you see The Grinch driving an Audi convertible down the road…”

Google Maps

The Facebook post has racked up more than 3,000 likes - prompting several others to report sightings of Dr Seuss' cantankerous creation.

“He’s the singing guy from Eccles! He drove past mine last night,” commented Tally Southern.

The footage was recorded on the same day Netflix bizarrely removed The Grinch movie from their streaming platform, leading Ashlee Oakes to conclude: “Ah so that's where he disappeared too [sic]... thought Netflix grinchnapped him!”


We all know that Greater Manchester is home to some weird and wonderful sights this time of year.

But The Grinch in a sports car?

Definitely new territory…

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