The happiest place in the UK is only an hour from Manchester

Charles Rawding / Geograph

If you’re feeling a bit down this week, it turns out happiness is only a short drive away from Manchester.

The Office for National Statistics conducted research to find the happiest places in the UK, and the number one location is only an hour away.

ONS researchers used a happiness scale from 0-10, with the Ribble Valley coming out on top with a score of 8.30 - the countrywide average was 7.56.

G Laird / Geograph

Residents of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire gave the high score when asked to rank how happy they felt, officially making them the happiest people in the UK.

And with the quaint market towns and rolling, beautiful countryside and moorland, it’s easy to see why they rated it so highly.

The research took into account numerous factors for participants, including overall life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety levels, and whether they felt their lives had purpose or meaning.

James Allan / Geograph

The Orkney Islands came in joint second with Chichester - only very slightly below Ribble with scores of 8.29 apiece - with Hambleton and Fylde closely behind (8.19 and 8.18 respectively).

As for Manchester, we scored very low for personal well-being, coming sixth worst after the London boroughs of Lambeth, Hackney, Islington and Camden, and Wolverhampton, going off ‘all measures since the year ending March 2012’.

Maybe we need a little break from city life...

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