The healthiest town in Greater Manchester has been revealed


The healthiest town in Greater Manchester has been revealed and it may come as a shock to you.

That's right, thanks to a new medical study, WIGAN takes the crown for healthiest town in the region despite it being connected to many reports over the years about obesity and heart disease rates.

Bablyon Health collected data from over 38,000 people who use its Healthcheck app and assigned an overall score to every district in the UK.

They based the scores on various health indicators such as diet, smoking and exercise and Wigan came out with an overall score of 57.7 points. Basically, points are scored based on cigarettes smoked per day, alcohol units consumed per week, fruit and veg consumed per day and amount of exercise per week.

Manchester followed Wigan close behind with a total of 53.6 points, follosed by Trafford with 53.5. Wigan also managed to claim the third spot in the North West list.

Stockport (47.6pts), Tameside (47.8pts) and Salford (48.4) are all considered the unhealthiest towns in the North West but none are as unhealthy as Blackpool which, at 46.2 points, is the unhealthiest town in the North West of England.

Greater Manchester

There's still a long way to go fore Wigan – and no town in the North West is particularly a health paradise – but it's worth noting the improvements that have been made there in recent years.

Where do you come on the list? January is coming up, so get that gym membership renewed and knock those cigs on the head.

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