The Manc Asks: Have your friends or family broke lockdown rules?


It’s been a pretty busy weekend on both social media and in parks and recreational locations across the country as people fight with the urge to go out and socialise during the last UK bank holiday for a while.

Meanwhile, the government is under immense fire amidst a lockdown row involving a senior Downing Street aide who allegedly flouted the very rules he helped put in place alongside prime minister Boris Johnson.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s most senior adviser, has sparked the fiercest debate yet since the UK went into lockdown in March in order to halt the spread of coronavirus – after he travelled to a family home in Durham while suffering with coronavirus symptoms himself.

The story is still unravelling, and while it does, we wanted to know just how many of you have watched your friends, or family, flout lockdown rules themselves during the pandemic. Anonymously, of course. We’re not here to snitch on anyone.

Yesterday, we sent out a simple tweet which asked: “Have any of your friends or family broke lockdown rules?”

Over 1,300 of you voted in the poll and the results were much closer than we expected.

While ‘Yes’ was the winner of the poll with 56.2% of the vote, ‘No’ received 43.8% – which we actually didn’t expect. We genuinely believed it would be an overwhelming response to ‘Yes’, so we are pleasantly surprised with the results.

This doesn’t mean that people haven’t been flouting the rules in large numbers, though.

Just this weekend, there were hundreds of parties across the country and Greater Manchester Police were called to break up dozens of get togethers across the region.

With just a week left until a review of the restrictions we have been under for so long, it’s important to continue practising social distancing and ignoring the temptation to see friends and family in casual settings – we don’t have long left now, and it will be a great day when things are finally back to normal.

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