The new Metrolink line to the Trafford Centre is now officially finished

And Rew / Wikimedia

If you’ve ever tried to get to the Trafford Centre from pretty much anywhere in Manchester without a car, you’ll know it’s a nightmare.

However, that nightmare will soon be over, as construction on the new Metrolink line to the shopping centre is now complete.

The last 15 metres of track have now been laid, and yesterday the final concrete pour brought construction on the project to an end - the overhead power lines were also switched on last Monday.

The new Trafford Park Metrolink line will connect the Trafford Centre to the rest of the tram system, and it cost £350 million to construct.

Don’t get too excited yet, though, as you’ll still have to wait a little bit longer to actually use the service - in fact it won’t be open over Christmas, annoyingly.

The next step is for trams to be run along the new line at very low speeds to test the track along the route.


This will last for a few months before driver training is scheduled to begin early next year, with Metrolink bosses telling the Manchester Evening News it should be open in the first half of 2020.

Once open, the new line will have six stops on its route, running from the existing Pomona stop all the way to the Trafford Centre.

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