The Old Windmill House from the Manchester Christmas Markets is up for sale on Craigslist

Canning O'Neill

The Old Windmill House from the Albert Square section of Manchester's Christmas Markets has been found for sale online – begging the question, will it be replaced next year?

The legendary wooden gastronomy is famous for its big Windmill and its erection every year unofficially marks the beginning of Christmas for thousands of Mancunians.

The post was found on Craigslist and was published ten days ago by an anonymous seller. The title of the post reads: "Old Windmill House - Mobile Event Catering XXL - used, very good condition - £250000"

Canning O'Neill

That's a pretty hefty price tag, but probably worth it, the iconic house is a thing of beauty and has been the location of many a fond memory of the Manchester Christmas Markets.

The description of the post reads: "We sell this mobile event gastronomy on behalf of an English company. The Windmill House is built until 19 Dec in Manchester / England and there to visit.

"Sightseeing appointments by prior arrangement at the number 00491713124880. You can also use the house in the summer as an event location and exchange the pyramid for a lighthouse, a windmill or something similar."


"The house is transported on six semi-trailers (included in the price). Unfortunately, there is no possibility to set it up here in the future and therefore this great location is being sold with a heavy heart."

What the above seems to be telling us is that the Windmill House will be replaced next year by something else, however, the official end date of the 2019 Christmas Markets is December 22nd –  which is three days after the date the seller claims it will be built until.

However, despite the discrepancy in the dates, the post does come across genuine (as opposed to a weird, pointless prank) and if the Markets are set for another shake up next year, replacing the Windmill House will definitely get people talking.

Mark Barnes / Flickr

According to the seller, constructing the house takes around 4-5 days, and the price includes lighting, power distribution and cabling, a food bar, a main bar, a sky bar, storage facilities, seating, bar tables, doors and shutters and advertising space.

It can't be confirmed if any of this is true, but if it is, it would mean the heart of Manchester's Christmas Markets is set for a complete overhaul in 2020 – its 21st anniversary and probably its biggest year yet (if 2019 is anything go by).

Would you be happy to see the famous Christmas House go? Or do you think it's time for a change? Let us know what you think below (or in our Facebook comments).

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