The Trafford Centre has started issuing new £50 parking fines

And-Rew / Wikimedia

Going to the Trafford Centre on the weekend can feel like an epic quest at the best of times, especially around the holidays and Christmas, and it’s one that’s made that bit more difficult by people parking like idiots.

While having to battle through huge crowds of people to get your shopping probably isn’t going to stop anytime soon, the parking issue could soon be resolved.

Yesterday bosses at the centre said they have introduced new measures in the last few months ‘to improve users' shopping experience’, with new £50 fines for drivers who park on the pavement.

Keith Williamson / Wikimedia

It’s part of a new crackdown on anti-social parking at the popular shopping destination, to improve the safety of visitors and help reduce the risk of accidents.

Over the weekend people started to notice cars had already begun to be given tickets for not using one of the 11,500 designated free parking bays, with pictures of cars with yellow parking tickets being posted on social media.

The general response online was very much in favour of the move, as badly parked cars often obstruct the pavements for people in wheelchairs or those with prams, as well as people with other mobility issues.

Mike Faherty / Geograph

According to Intu - the company which owns the Trafford Centre - although the charges are £50 they will be reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days.

Regional centre director for Intu, Alison Niven, has said: "It’s a new initiative and one which has been met with widespread approval so far.”

Can’t argue with that...

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