The UK is officially the drunkest nation in the world

We’ve done it everyone, we’ve won a global award for something - drinking booze.

While in reality this isn’t really something to be proud of, UK adults have topped the rankings when it comes to how often we drink.

According to the survey, in Britain we get drunk more often than anywhere else in the world, getting intoxicated an average of 51.1 times a year, which equates to almost once a week.

To be honest, that feels a little low, but I guess if you take the average of people who get on it on the regs and those that just have a couple of pints now and again - if they actually exist, as everyone knows it’s impossible to ‘just have a couple of pints’ - it makes sense.

The global average is just 33 times in a 12-month period, according to the data taken from people living in 36 different countries across the world.

On top of our drunk dominance, it turns out that English-speaking countries in general are all miles ahead in the booze stakes, with the US (50.3), Canada (47.9) and Australia (47.4) closely behind us in the rankings.

The rest of the top ten is made up of Denmark (41.7), India (41), Ireland (40.7), Mexico (38.2), Czech Republic (36.8) and Finland (34.9) respectively.

The results are courtesy of the eighth annual Global Drugs Survey - which is thought to be the largest poll on substance use in the world - and contrasts sharply with a recent major study that found Brits were drinking less booze than we did ten years ago.

However, Professor Adam Winstock, the Global Drugs Survey founder, says that while fewer people were in fact drinking, the people who still do are doing it in a potentially harmful way.

Well done Britain, hope you’re happy...

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