The UK is ‘set for three more Saharan heatwaves this summer’

Gerald England / Geograph

Last week's heatwave seems like a pleasant dream after the torrential rain and flooding across Greater Manchester this weekend, but I can assure you it definitely happened.

The good news for those who already miss the heat, however, is that Britain is reportedly set for three more scorchers before the summer is over - although the pessimistic northerner in me says I’ll believe it when I feel it burning my pasty skin.

According to The Mirror, Britain is set to bake in three more Saharan heatwaves over the coming weeks, and some places could see temperatures as high as 35C.

Gerald England / Geograph

We’ve still got a bit of bad weather to get through first, though, with the BBC forecasting a lot of rain and potentially some thunderstorms in Manchester this week.

This will give way to Saharan heat blowing in to the south of the country - lucky bastards - baking Britain in 35C heat, according to the Met Office.

Leon Brown, head of meteorological operations at The Weather Channel, said:

After the past week's extreme heat, three more heatwaves are forecast in Britain this summer as air from Africa arrives. Each spell would reach at least 28C, 5C hotter than average. Next weekend has up to 29C possible locally, then mid-August is forecast a plume with above 30C and up to five days' heat, and a longer hot spell from the second week of September has a good chance of 30C. But there will be a wetter period in the August 5-12 week for most.

Let’s hope Manchester actually sees a bit of this heat - stop hogging it all London you selfish bastard.

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