These hats protect dogs from the sun


The UK is set to bake this summer, with temperatures expected to be as high as around 30 degrees.

But spare a thought for our furry friends at this time of immense heat, who often find it difficult to regulate their temperature and keep cool during the sunny periods.

Dog owners have been flocking to buy dog hats - or caps - in an attempt to keep their dog's heads cool. They’re stylish, they apparently fit well and they, of course, look incredibly cute. They are also said to be good at protecting the eyes of dogs when the sun is shining.


The TAILUP dog hats come in a range of colours and you can get them from a range of providers. They can be purchased on eBay for as cheap as £5.26 and are very well reviewed.

Described as ‘cute and fashionable’, they are made of high-quality material which will also be comfortable for your canine friend.

Some even contain ear holes and an adjustable chin strap, meaning they can fit your dog perfectly.

So, there you have it. Useful, comfortable and incredibly cute. Think about treating your dog to a gift this summer.

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