This Aldi see-through toaster is a breakfast game-changer


There’s a few strong contenders for the title of The Ultimate First World Problem.

Wet socks. Split teabags. Having to settle for Pepsi when there isn’t Coca-Cola.

But the worst of the worst, for many, is burnt toast.

The mad dash for the door ahead of the morning commute (granted, that’s only from the bedroom to the living room in the current climate) is put on hold when the toaster pops up and devilishly delivers two slices of toast smeared in black tar.

After a small burst of profanity, you have another go and drop in some fresh bread. Or you begrudgingly begin to pile butter onto your incinerated breakfast, praying it won’t taste as bad as it looks (it always does).

It’s a tricky task, perfecting the art of toast-timing. Leave it cooking just a few seconds too late and it’s all over.

At least that was until some genius invented a transparent gadget that lets you watch your toast so it cooks to perfection.

Now Aldi has its own version.

The Ambiano Glass Toaster is available at the budget supermarket for a price of £24.99 – which is a satisfying price drop on the versions that have been available elsewhere up until now (some top £100).

The product description talks of an “easy-to-use design”, with “a removable glass window that allows you to view the browning level of your toast as it cooks, so that perfect slice is only minutes away every time.”

There’s six heat settings, a removable crumb tray, and a series of reheat, frost and cancel functions.

Time to bid the toast-cooking debacle goodbye forever.

The Ambiano Toaster is available online at Aldi here.

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