This company converts your garden into an inflatable pub

King of the Castles Entertainments

We forget most of our time spent in the pub.

Some nights have been washed away by lager and lost at cerebral sea forever.

Others have just been utterly uneventful and unnoteworthy, leaving a small pile of surviving memories cluttered on the shores of our memory banks.

But the good ones remain lodged in our minds forever. There is simply nothing better than an evening at the pub when everyone is on top form.

One unlikely candidate rising into everyone’s personal “top ten nights out of all time” is that midweek trip to the boozer in early March 2020.

It was nothing special. Until it was.

The last night we spent in the pub before lockdown.

Everyone has been craving the local ever since – and one bouncy castle company is helping fill the pint-shaped void in our lives with their inflatable pubs.

King of the Castles Entertainments

King of the Castles Entertainments is offering an outstandingly realistic-looking pub package among its range of inflatables – delivered and set up “under strict government guidelines for back garden hire”.

The company posted photos of their blow-up boozers to their Facebook page this week, commenting: “For obvious reasons, due to the Coronavirus, all the pubs and bars are closed! 

“Well we can bring the pub to YOU!!!”

King of the Castles also offer contact-free delivery and payment.

Not a bad compromise until July… or whatever date we’re allowed back into the pub.

King of the Castles Entertainments

Find out more about booking one of these bouncy pubs by visiting the King of the Castles Entertainments website.

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