This experiment shows what dirty hands do to bread over time

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One Mum has started garnering much attention online this afternoon after taking to social media to share the results of an experiment she did with her kids during lockdown.

After struggling to think of a way to explain to her children why germs spread the way that they do and why this means we need to wash our hands as regularly as we are being advised to, she decided it was best to just show them.

At a time when the importance of washing our hands is more prevalent than ever before amid the coronvirus (COVID-19) pandemic, this simple experiment involving two slices of bread helps to demonstrate just how crucial it actually is.

Revealing details of the experiment in a post shared this afternoon to the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, the Mum wrote: “So my kids are all getting really annoyed about washing their hands so often. No matter how many times I explain the importance of it they are becoming lazy and reluctant as their hands get sore”.

“It’s very easy to play in the sunshine in the garden and grab some crisps etc before washing their hands, so I asked them to do a little experiment.”

“I asked my children to gently wipe their hands on a slice of bread after coming in from the garden before they ate their dinner. I then asked the children to wash their hands and repeat the steps the same as before.”

“I placed them both in separate sealed bags and wrote the date on them.”

Samantha Parrett

“As of this morning they can clearly see the ‘germs’ and what they would have put into their food and into their mouth. I will leave it a few more days so they fully get the idea before throwing them away. But… it got the point across!”

“Every morning since we put them in the bags, they’ve been checking throughout the day to see if any germs have grown. Today they had a big surprise. I’m actually quite looking forward to their faces when they see the germs spread faster as the days go on.”

“If anyone out there has any reluctant hand washes like I have, this may be worth a try.”

In just a few short hours since sharing, the post has already amassed hundreds of interactions and comments from group members, with some also offering similar experiences and alternative ways in which they have been able to demonstrate the same topic to their children as well.

She also later added that: “I’m not saying germs aren’t good for you, [I’m] just trying to show the children how they must wash their hands before eating and putting their hands in their mouth.”

“Also, their hands were so sore before lockdown because of school protocol, I think it’s scared them a little bit.”


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