This is why KFC only follows the Spice Girls and six random men on Twitter

KFC’s choice of Twitter accounts to follow was a revelation that took the internet by storm back in 2017 and it still remains to this day.

The discovery of the fast food chain’s choice of accounts to follow on Twitter was a revelation that took the internet by storm back in 2017 and it still remains to this day.

Why on earth does the official KFC Twitter account only follow the five members of the Spice Girls and then six other random men?

Or to be more precise, six men that all go by the name of Herb? And then if we’re being even more precise, although they’re somewhat unfamiliar to us, it’s probably a bit unfair to deem them as ‘random’, when each Herb account in question here is also verified and looks to belong to public figures such as sportsmen and journalists. The question still remains though – why? What makes them so worthy of a follow from KFC? What is the link between them? Is there even a link?

The list of questions is endless and it can all just seem a bit odd initially, but there’s an absolutely brilliant reason for it.

We’ve recently seen this whole scenario resurface once again on social media and regardless of the fact it’s now a few years old, it’s still as hilarious as ever, so in case you somehow missed this moment of cultural history at the time, let’s break it down.

It all started with this viral tweet from Twitter user @edgette22 back in 2017:

Don’t believe us? Exhibit A:

Told you.

With over 200K retweets and 600K likes on the tweet as well, we really weren’t kidding when we said it took the internet by storm and it’s even still blowing minds in 2020.

If you’re still a bit confused as to what’s going on here, then we’ll refer you to the fact that KFC and Colonol Sander’s infamous ‘Original Recipe Chicken’ is made with a blend of “11 herbs and spices” and it’s known to be one of the best kept trade secrets in the catering industry.

They’ll never tell you the recipe, so don’t bother trying. They did however reward @edgette22 with a pretty phenomenal prize for at least cracking the code when it comes to their Twitter followers.

So, there you have it. The age-old tale of six ‘Herbs’ and five ‘Spices’.

Whilst it might seem like a slightly bizarre move at first, it’s hard to claim it as anything other than a stroke of genius really, isn’t it?

Fair play, KFC.

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