This is why there is an elephant at Piccadilly station

University of Manchester

Some of you might have been on your commute and wondered why the hell there was a humungous elephant at Manchester Piccadilly this morning.

Well, don’t worry because here at The Manc we have all the answers.

What you’re seeing at Piccadilly is the skeleton of Maharajah, Manchester’s most famous elephant.

Maharajah is from Manchester museum and his journey to Manchester began nearly 150 years ago.

He became distressed when travelling to Manchester by train from Edinburgh, and tore the roof off the carriage.

This meant that the two-metre tall elephant had to walk from Edinburgh with his keeper, a journey of over two hundred miles.

It took Maharajah and his keeper 10 days to get to Manchester, and when he died his skeleton was sold to Manchester Museum.

The exhibition will stay at Piccadilly from Tuesday the 4th of June to Sunday the 16th. It will be on display from 7am to 7pm daily during that time.

Esme Ward, Director of Manchester Museum, said:

The aim of taking Maharajah to Piccadilly Station isn’t just to add more miles to his journey. It is about bringing the museum’s collections to people who might not usually get the chance to witness them. We’re also using the exhibition to raise awareness of population levels of Asian elephants, as they’re at a high risk of extinction.

So there you are.

Manchester meet Maharajah. Maharajah meet Manchester. Again.

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