This Royal Mail Christmas scam can empty your bank account

Royal Mail

Scams that empty your pockets and fill others' bank accounts are rife at this time of year with 2019 being one of the worst years ever for it.

This week has been no exception, as a Royal Mail scam doing the rounds has reached tens of thousands of people and can empty your bank account.

The scam encourages shoppers to click a fraudulent link by pretending to be the Royal Mail reminding them to pick up a package.

Of course, there is no package and you are taken to a fake Currys PC World website which claims you've won an iPhone 11 Pro, which at this time of year is the news everyone wants to hear.

Unfortunately, if you then hand over your personal details, they end up in the hands of somebody else – and you definitely don't want that to happen.

One of the messages reads: "There is an item waiting to be collected. You took one of the spots on our Currys' XMAS-List. Your iPhone 11 Pro will be delivered within five working days."

"Please confirm your delivery address and pay a small fee (£2.00) for insured shipping."

However, they come in different variations, with people receiving completely different messages entirely, which all lead to the same place.

In response to the scam, Royal Mail said: "We're aware of this SMS and are currently investigating. Further info on known scams and how to report them in future can be found on our website."

You can find that website here. Stay safe out there.

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