This seasoning can make anything taste like bacon


People are going mad for this range of seasonings that make everything taste like bacon.

Deliciou Seasonings taste just like bacon, but there's a catch - they are surprisingly 100% suitable for vegans and those following a plant based diet.

On top of that, they're made without artificial ingredients, have zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat per serving, they're GMO free, contain no nitrates, are gluten free and Kosher certified too, so you can flavor all your meals with confidence.

Doesn't get much more guilt-free than that.

You can flavour popcorn, fries, vegetables, pasta, stir fry, soups, toast, salads, dips, even ice cream? Bit too far? If you get hooked on the taste though, then you just never know.

Deliciou is the brainchild of founder Kjetil Hansen, who, by his own admission, was "probably the most serious bacon lover on the face of the planet", but always disliked following lengthy and complicated recipes when cooking. He set out to make something simple and after almost eight months of blending spices, herbs and vegetable powders in his kitchen mixer to perfect the recipe, the Bacon Seasoning was born.


There's five varieties of bacon seasoning in the Deliciou range - Original Bacon, Cheesy Bacon, Smoky BBQ Bacon, Spicy Bacon and Maple Bacon.

Each seasoning is $6.99 (£5.68) for 55g.

There's even a 100-day trial guarantee too, so you can "chew on your purchase for 100 days and return the products for a full refund if you don't love it".

If you're after more than just one though, then there's also seasoning variety packs. This means you can choose to buy five of the same flavour, or one of each for $34.95 (£28.44) and it'll save you quite a few pennies in the long run if you become accustomed to the taste of bacon on just about everything.

Shipping is FREE to any country on all orders over $30.


If this sounds like it's right up your street, or it's perfect for someone you know, then you can buy the seasonings, starter pack combos and the rest of Deliciou's plant based products on the website here.

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