This trick will get you a completely free day in Alton Towers

Adventurous Toddlers

Britain in general is a pretty wet country, I don't think it takes a genius to know that - but there are actually some benefits to rainy days, especially if you're a fan of Alton Towers.

We've all been there. Planned a day out at a theme park, got there, then watched the heavens open on you and your entire family. It's never ideal (although being on a roller coaster in torrential rain is actually quite enjoyable).

Adventurous Toddlers

The consensus, however, is that it's not worth the trip, or the money, when the inevitable happens... But, Alton Towers are prepared for this, and not many people know about it.

Basically, the Staffordshire-based theme park has a 'rainy day guarantee' that means that if it rains while you're there, for longer than an hour, you can pick up a free ticket for a return visit. Nice.

They even keep a record of weather conditions which means people can check the 2018 dates and see which ones they classed as washouts.

Alton Towers

This is a list of last year's 'rainy days' where people could have picked up free tickets: March 17th, 18th; April 2nd, 19th, 24th, 27th; May 25th, 30th; July 29th; August 12th, 26th; September 8th, 20th; October 14th.

The offer only applies if you purchased a '1 Day Pass' on the Alton Towers website priced at £33 (5 days in advance), £41 (1-4 days in advance) or £56 (0-1 days in advance). Those who qualify will then get a like for like ticket.

Alton Towers

You can redeem your return visits on specific 2019 dates, such as March 23rd to April 5th*, April 29th to May 3rd*, May 7th to May 24th*, June 3rd to June 30th, September 3rd to October 10th and 11th and then finally on October 17th.

Those of you who had a rainy day in 2018 can return on the dates marked with an asterisk - meaning you have up until May 24th to head back.

Us Northerners love a freebie.

Get yourself and the family booked in now ahead of summer.

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