Three Mancunian lads hailed as heroes after tackling knife attacker in Sydney


Three Mancunian lads have been hailed as heroes Down Under, after they helped tackle a knife attacker.

The men helped apprehend the suspect, as he attempted to stab multiple people in Sydney today.

Lee Cuthbert, Paul O'Shaughnessy and Luke O'Shaughnessy all originally hail from Manchester, but have lived in Australia for the past three years.

The knife-wielding man shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ as he attempted to stab several people with a long knife near a busy junction in Sydney’s CBD, according to witnesses.

Lee, Paul and Luke were working at their recruitment agency nearby when they heard the attack, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Lee, 29, told the Morning Herald:

We had a window open to get some air in and then we just heard the commotion … we looked out and saw him on top of a car wielding a knife and we all just kind of reacted from there. We just tried to get down as quick as we could ... You don't think … you just kind of react really, it was surreal, very, very surreal.

The three men didn’t hesitate once they saw the attack, with Lee saying they attempted to disarm the man as they see Australia as their ‘new home’.

Lee said:

We all kind of chased, worked together, but it was Luke who was the real hero. He pursued him the hardest and managed to get a grip of him with another man. He had blood on the knife and there was blood all over his clothing, so hopefully no-one was [badly] injured, fingers crossed it wasn’t serious. Me, Paul and Luke, we've adopted Australia as our new home and you hear about this happening all over, especially the UK, and you think coming to Australia you’re really safe and you feel like you've kind of got away from it.

He added: “The first thing I'll do is give my mum a call."

Footage online shows the attacker standing on the roof of a car with a knife and shouting.

According to an earlier statement from New South Wales Police a man has been arrested, and a woman is in hospital in a stable condition.

Around an hour after the suspect was arrested, a 21-year-old woman’s body was found inside a nearby apartment in central Sydney - it’s understood she suffered multiple stab wounds, the Guardian reports.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller later told reporters the arrested man had a history of mental health issues, and they were investigating reports he had absconded from a mental health facility.

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