Uber has lost its London license… will app users in Manchester be affected?


Transport for London (TfL) has stripped Uber of its license to operate in London, leaving many asking whether our city will soon follow suit.

The popular taxi app was declared as being unfit for customers after repeatedly failing to meet TfL safety requirements in 2017.

Despite two extensions, Uber has now officially been banned from the UK capital.

Whilst the decision has been blasted as “extraordinary and wrong” by Uber officials, 45,000 drivers’ jobs currently hang in the balance.

The company has 21 days to appeal.

London isn’t the first city to banish Uber from its streets, either – so what does this mean for Uber in Manchester and the rest of the UK?

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Why the ban?

TfL acknowledged that Uber had made a series of positive improvements since its license was initially taken away in 2017.

However, there have been several unresolved issues compromising passenger safety – including a system fault that permitted unauthorised or uninsured drivers to upload photos to other accounts.

As a result, an alarmingly high number of fraudulent trips were made across London in the space of just a few months – 14,000 according to TfL.

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Will Uber still run in other cities?

Uber has stopped operating in several areas beyond the Big Smoke since they set up in 2009.

The ride-hailing app is no longer available in Denmark, Bulgaria or Hungary, with limited services running in Turkey.

Uber has also had a difficult relationship with drivers during the past year. In May, employees across Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow and London protested against the company over pay rates.

However, Uber vehicles in Manchester are still running as normal – with no correspondence from the firm or TfGM regarding license problems.

Any updates will follow immediately.

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