Victoria station at standstill after ‘all staff walk out following assault’

Emily Sergeant

All trains are currently at a 'standstill' at Manchester's Victoria Station after an alleged violent assault.

There are large queues at most platforms at Victoria and onward stations.

The incident has been described by eyewitnesses as an "abusive passenger threatening staff."

Chris Cooper tweeted: "Most trains out of #ManchesterVictoria delayed by abusive passenger threatening staff. Absolutely disgusting behaviour."

According to other eyewitnesses, no trains are going in or out of Victoria at this time.

All trains are currently delayed at the moment, no cancellations as of yet and no further announcements have been made over the tannoy.

Emily Sergeant told The Manc: "I arrived at Salford Central at 5:08ish and found out all trains were delayed shortly after, eyewitnesses confirmed someone had attacked a member of Northern Rail staff at Victoria and everything’s been at standstill since."

More to follow.

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