White van filmed repeatedly ramming another on Cheetham Road

reeBashraheel on Twitter

A pedestrian last night witnessed some serious road rage on Cheetham Hill road.

The moment a white van decided to repeatedly ram another white van was caught on camera by a Twitter user and it is quickly going viral.

Caught on video and posted on the social platform by @reeBashraheel, she commented: "Cheetham Hill Road is the most ghetto place ever, hows he ramming it repeatedly for a whole minute I’m crying."

In the video, a plain white van can be seen repeatedly smashing into an SIP Car Parks van, which can only lead me to assume the rammer may have just copped for a parking fine. But we can't confirm that, of course.

And while this is a serious incident, Twitter uses couldn't help but find the funny side, with one person tweeting: "It’s like watching rhinos in the wild."

Another one commented: "Nice to see robot wars has evolved a bit..."

The tweet has quickly racked up over 2,000 likes on the social media site and almost 700 retweets, so we can only imagine it won't be long until it's picked up by Greater Manchester Police.

We can only hope the pair have kissed and made up.

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