Why Shaun Malone hasn’t been on Gogglebox this season

Channel 4

If you watch Gogglebox then you’ll be more than aware of the Malone family, the Mancunians who have been on the show for the past six years.

The Malone family is made up of mum Julie, dad Tom Senior, and sons Tom Jr and Shaun – and joined Gogglebox for the fourth series back in 2014. They have been popular regulars ever since.

The Malones, likes any Manc family, are known for having a table full of snacks that they seemingly never eat, and they also have four dogs – Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe.

The Rottweilers are a family in themselves and quite regularly take the spotlight from their humans due to their overly-relaxed and loving nature.

Over the last few weeks, more people than ever have been tuning into the staple Channel 4 show while the nation waits for the world outside to re-open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gogglebox has been providing a look into other homes during lockdown every Friday night during the peak of the pandemic and has had its most popular season yet as a result.

But for fans of the Malones, one thing has been quite evident. They are a man down.

Well, it turns out that brother Shaun is having a baby with his girlfriend, and discovered the news just before filming for the latest season began.

Of course, with lockdown still very much in place across the UK, Shaun wasn’t able to travel between households to look after his expecting missus and simultaneously film a TV programme – so fair play to him for accepting that.

Although, life with an expecting mother might just be taking its toll on him a smidge…

Speaking to Shaun, the Manchester United football coach told The Manc: “I’ve not been on the show for most of this series because my girlfriend is pregnant, so I chose to go and live with her while all this Coronavirus stuff is going on.

“If I was living at my mum and dads during lockdown I wouldn’t have been able to help her out, or prep for the baby, so I couldn’t film for most of the series due to not being able to go to other households.”

He continued: “I’m sure Tom is loving having a bit more room on the couch though, and having a break from my farts, he’s not a fan of them!

“But, with me not being around to play FIFA with, it’s given him time to do some funny Tiktok videos. We’ve had fun watching them, especially the Men In Black one he did with mum and dad.”


Shaun said it’s been nice watching his family from a new perspective over the last few weeks, as it has given him a unique look into his childhood home – and watching his family rip into the government has given him plenty of entertainment.

But the Manchester United coach is looking forward to getting back on the screen and introducing his son to the nation. He said: “I’ll be back next series as long as it is safe to do so… with my son because he will be born over the summer!”

Channel 4

Shaun, who coaches disability football at Manchester United (the team he has supported since childhood who returned their support after he suffered a serious brain injury himself in 2010), will be back when Gogglebox returns.

Last night’s episode, which aired on Channel 4 at 9pm, was its final episode of the current series. It’s not yet known when the show will return to screens – but with tens of millions tuning in since February this year, we can’t imagine it will be long…

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