Woman creates specially-designed face masks for the deaf and lip-readers

Justine DB / Facebook

One woman has started creating face masks designed to help the hard of hearing communicate safely during the pandemic.

The specially-crafted coverings wrap around the ears like an ordinary mask – but have a clear panel built into the fabric so the mouth remains visible for lip-reading.

Justine DB, the woman behind the masks, published images of her innovative products on social media earlier this week.

Justine DB / Facebook

Her post says: “Been up since 6am making this masks – myself and my daughter are deaf, we rely heavily on lip reading, this Visible Mask is perfect for the deaf, lipreaders and or those whose work for / with the deaf or those love to smile!”

Praise has been pouring in for the masks; with the original FB images being shared hundreds of times across the platform.

Justine DB / Facebook

The ‘Visible Masks’ are apparently available for purchase at £5.99 each – with the cost of postage and packaging included. There’s also a variety of different designs and colours available.

All orders can be placed via Direct Message on Facebook.

You can read the original post and learn more here.

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