You can buy a pillow with your mate’s face on so you never have to sleep alone


How much do you love your best friend?

Would you travel across the world to help them if they were in need, or would you give them your last slice of pizza, even if you were still proper starving?

Nah me neither, but what I would do is get their face printed onto a pillow so I’d never have to sleep alone again.


Luckily for me, and you, that dream is now a reality, thanks to the good people at Firebox.

You can get whatever you want printed on their Sleepy Head Personalised Pillow Case, which is a ‘super soft pillowcase with any face of your choice repeated on it’.

It’s machine-washable and tumble-dryable, and fits all standard size pillows.

According to their site:

Ever wanted to rest your head, cuddle up to, and dribble on lots of little versions of someone’s head? Now you can! Our personalisation pixies have been working overtime to bring you Sleepy Head - the pillowcase with ANYONE’S FACE you want on it! Note, we said face. Not genitals. Just need to remind the weirder people in the crowd about the limits of our printing capabilities. Fall asleep on your mate’s head, or wake up face to face with a celebrity. Give your long-distance partner something to cuddle up to, or freak out the next lucky residents of your guest bedroom. The possibilities are truly endless!

No genitals though, spoilsports...

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