You can get a pillow that stops your arm going numb when spooning


Good news for the cuddlers among us, there is now a pillow you can get that stops your arm from going numb while spooning.

You can finally enjoy movie nights or a long night of spooning in comfort and without the pain of getting a dead arm.


Some of us will know the pain of getting either a dead arm or pins and needles during cuddling, so this will come as great news for you and your other half.

The Coodle is an arch-shaped, somewhat genius invention, it is braced and retains its shape meaning that your arm doesn’t get squashed by the head of your partner.

Coodle says:

Use it while you side sleep or spoon with your partner. Prop your head up with a Coodle while watching TV or using your electronic device.

It costs £50.54, and is made in the US but can be shipped to the UK.

This could be a game changer for movie nights.

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