You can get up to £15 off UberEats until Dec 22 with this code


It’s the last week before Christmas - so we’re officially in ‘treat yourself’ territory.

There's definitely no better time to have half-price hangover food at your fingertips. I mean, I buy enough full price hangover food as it is.

So God bless Uber Eats.

The food delivery service is making indulgence easier in the run-up to Christmas - slashing prices by 50%.


Until Sunday, you can enter the code SEASONSEATSUK at the checkout and enjoy a big discount on a big meal.

The maximum discount is £15 (if you spend £30), with the offer available until 11.55pm on 22 December.


Delivery fees will still apply, unfortunately, but think of all the McDonald's you could get for £15.

For full Ts and Cs, visit Uber's webpage.

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