You can hire a goat to join your Zoom meeting from this Lancashire farm

Dot McCarthy

Well, this certainly sounds like the greatest Zoom call of all time.

A farm in Rossendale is using goats as part of a genius idea during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Like many businesses, Cronkshaw Fold Farm in the Alden Valley, has felt the harsh impact of the pandemic and has been forced to look for alternative means of income to get by. Yes, whilst farmers have taken to delivering fresh produce to the local community, such as free range eggs and vegetables, that’s quite not what we want to talk about here.

We’re here to talk about the fact that the farm is hiring out its resident goats to appear in your Zoom calls and honestly, we don’t think we’ve ever heard anything better.

So, how the heck did this idea come about then?

Speaking to Lancashire Live, the brains behind the operation, Dot McCarthy, said: “I had the random idea because I know people like goats and they’re naturally curious animals so they will stare at the camera and skip about.”

“I feel so lucky that I live on a farm at the moment and I get to be outside and interact with the animals. I know so many people are missing that.”

Cronkshaw Fold Farm

After only two days of launching Goats On Zoom, the farm was inundated with bookings.

Virtual church services, pub quizzes and business meetings all wanted in on some of the action and Dot says that due to the scheme being so successful, they have been able to rehire the part time staff they previously had no decision to let go of when UK lockdown commenced.

Dot hopes that this unique idea will give people a laugh and help those who are stuck inside.

She continues: “It’s insanity, we’ve had interest from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We were part of a Eurovision quiz in Berlin.

“They loved it and kept asking the goat questions.”

“We’ve had some really big businesses booking goats just to cheer their staff up. In some of the calls the staff will be on the call for five minutes before they notice a goat is there.”

“It’s really funny.”

It only costs £5 to have one goat involved in your call for 10 minutes, but we think it’s basically priceless.

Each goat has their own profile detailing their personalities traits, letting you decide who’s the best fit for your next meeting and also, don’t worry if it’s not Zoom that you’ve been using recently, the goats are also available for calls on Skype and Google Hangouts at most times of the day.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GOATSONZOOM too.

To get to know the goats, discover what else the farm is getting up to at the moment and for more general information, head on over to the Cronkshaw Fold Farm website here.

If you’re going to help support a local business, surely there can’t be a better way to do so than this?

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