You can learn all about endangered species at Chester Zoo’s live virtual tour today

Chester Zoo

The popular virtual tour is returning once again with a very special day of events.

Chester Zoo is once again opening its “virtual gates” to the public today and we’re in for a real treat this week with a line-up that’s sure to teach anyone a thing or two they didn’t know before.

Today is your chance to learn all about the endangered species that call Chester Zoo their home.

As the popular virtual tours continue to draw in millions of viewers from across the world, the live stream is returning for an extra special day and the zoo is promising you “whole day of amazing animal antics”.

Today’s line-up is raising awareness for and “putting a spotlight on some of the most incredible, but sadly most endangered, species on the planet”.

It’s “the PERFECT way to learn, all from the comfort of your own home”.

As the park continues to remain closed to the public amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the zoo is helping Brits to stay home and save lives by bringing the pool party to us with today’s virtual tour.

Over the coming weeks, they have also pledged to “try to deliver as much positive news and updates about the animals to you as we can throughout this difficult period”.

“There’s nothing like a happy new-born baby animal to lift your spirits!”

Chester Zoo

If you’re ready for a geography lesson like no other, then here’s the full schedule of today’s animal antics:

  • 10am – 10:20am – One Horned Rhinos: Enjoy breakfast with these prehistoric-looking giants.
  • 11am – 11:20am  – Mountain Chicken Frogs: Brunch with one of the world’s BIGGEST frog species, which is sadly on the very brink of extinction.
  • 12pm – 12:20pm – Northern Cheetahs: It’s lunchtime for the world’s fastest land animals.
  • 1pm – 1:20pm – Tropical Bird Feeding time: So many colourful characters – How many will you spot?
  • 2pm – 2:20pm – Orangutan Hang: Time to hang out with the super-charismatic orangutans.
  • 3pm – 3:20pm – Visayan Warty Pigs: Meet the critically endangered pigs that are named after punk rockers.

Do note that the running order may be subject to changes throughout the day and, as is always the case with animals, there may be a few extra surprises along the way too, so get ready.

Today is also a chance for Chester Zoo to talk about the incredible work it does to help prevent extinction of endangered species just like the ones you’ll be meeting. If you have been enjoying the virtual tours over previous weeks, then your support is vital to the animals and plants in the zoo’s care, right now more than ever before.

You can find our more about how to help on Chester Zoo’s JustGiving page here.


You can join Chester Zoo live on either Facebook or YouTube today from 10am as they “bring the zoo to you”.

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