You can now buy a pizza oven from Lidl for your BBQ this summer


Lidl is now selling a BBQ pizza oven that’s perfect for your garden this summer and it’s a really affordable price too.

As lockdown continues in the UK and long nights spent in the garden becoming a regular occurrence, the popular supermarket chain is helping you prepare for the summertime scorcher we’re set for over the coming days with this clever piece of kit that will seriously upgrade anyone’s BBQ game.

If you fancy yourself becoming a stonebaked pizza specialist, then this barbecue pizza oven is only £39.99.

It’s available in Lidl stores right across the UK from this week, so you’ll be able to get your hands on one next time you’re on a run for essentials.


Whilst you’re sure to look like a professional when using it, the good news is, you don’t have to be one.

It’s actually really simple to use and all you’ll need is a barbecue. Simply put the pizza oven on top of your barbecue – charcoal or gas, both are compatible – and then check the built-in thermostat as the temperature rises and the pizza stone heats up.

Once it’s heated up, place your pizza into the oven and it’ll cook to perfection on the perforated base.

The oven is moisture-absorbent to make pizzas extra crispy and can also be used to cook baguettes and breads instead if that’s more your thing.

You can find out more information on the Lidl website here.

As is often the case with Lidl, stock is limited and is likely to sell fast and stock is limited, so to check the opening times of your local store before making any trips, it’s best to refer to the store finder.

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