You can now buy your boyfriend swimming trunks covered in your face

Yes Custom

For many years, people have been inventing ways for their partner to stay loyal on lary holidays with their pals on the other side of the Mediterranean - but this might be my favourite one yet.

You can now upgrade your man's swag tenfold by providing him with a pair of swimming shorts with your mug on them for him to take abroad and repel women.

The beach shorts can be made to order with a photo of yourself covering them from waistband to hem, making them the perfect gift, or gifts, to slip into your man's suitcase before a sunny getaway with his mates.

Yes Custom

The shorts, created by Yes Custom, will set you back £23.05 (not sure what that 5p's about) and shipping from the United States will cost you £4.60.

The swimmers come in two styles. One style sees your face spread across them like a patchwork quilt, while the other is more subtle in the face department, but only to make room for the words 'I Love You', obviously.

If you buy a pair, we wish you the best of luck in your quest to getting them on him, but if he refuses, you can always just leave him for someone else.

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