You can now get paid £60 per hour to sleep at home

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Lockdown has been a time to take stock. It’s prompted many of us to consider some of the bigger questions.

What do you really want out of life? What would make you happy more than anything else? What would you consider the very definition of a “dream job?”.

If you answered “sleep”, “sleeping” or “bed” for any of the above, we have found the ideal job for you.

Luxury furniture supplier Olivia’s is advertising for a Comfort Connoisseur… which is just a fancy way of saying they need a customer to test out their beds for them.

Cassidy Kelley/Unsplash

You don’t need any qualifications and you’ll get paid £60 per hour for ten hours per month… with the option of additional overtime if you’re super sleepy.

The job description reads: “As our Comfort Connoisseur you’ll be asked to complete a scorecard for each bed you sleep in, judging the item on its comfort, size, aesthetic and durability, as well as provide written feedback on your general experience. 

“We understand that sometimes it takes a good few nights in a bed to judge all of the above factors, so to start with, our connoisseur will be reviewing a minimum of two a month.

“We’d like someone to get started straight away, so if you think you’re an expert in the realm of sleeping and comfort, read below for full details and fill out the application form by May 29th.”


You can learn more about the role and apply online here.

Sweet dreams…

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