You only have a few hours left to register to vote in the snap election


Have you registered to vote in the upcoming general election? If not, you need to do it quick.

The countdown to the registration deadline is on.

If you live in England, Wales or Scotland, you need to sign up before midnight to have a say in who takes the hot seat at Downing Street on 12 December.

If you’re unable to visit a polling station on voting day, you’ll need to get your name down for a postal vote before 17:00 this evening.

You can also get someone to vote on your behalf; the deadline for proxy votes is 4 December.

Alex Lee/Wikimedia Commons

The cut-off time for postal and proxy votes in Northern Ireland has already passed.

A snap election was called at the end of October, and early statistics suggest that high numbers of younger people are planning on voting next month.

According to government figures, over a third of people who registered to vote in November were 25-years-old or below.

Learn more about the candidates for Greater Manchester constituencies on the Manchester City Council website.

For more info on how to register, head over to

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