Parma Violet Lambrini is now available in the UK and it looks incredible


Back in the day Lambrini was a cheap and cheerful way to get very drunk on the park, and the brand didn’t have the greatest reputation.

But the company has had a rebrand in recent years, and their latest creation is testament to that.

And that new creation is Parma Violet Lambrini. Yes, you read that right: PARMA. VIOLET. LAMBRINI. Just. In. Time. For. Summer.

The brand new flavour gives a nod to the 90s with a classic old school flavour.

Lambrini was created in 1994, and will be celebrating its 25th birthday this year, so what better time to crack open the Parma Violet Lambrini?

The drink is currently only available in Morrisons nationwide, and comes in at £2.50 a bottle.

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