You can get a mini jail cell that lets you lock up smartphones

We’ve all been guilty of spending too much time gawping at our phones during lockdown. So, maybe we should look at locking up our devices for a bit?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a jail cell out there that’s designed exclusively for smartphones, complete with lock and key.

Let’s be honest – the kids always find a way to access your secret hiding place when you confiscate their devices, and you probably know deep-down that you spend a huge chunk of the evening (or indeed, day) flicking through social media.

But this jail cell provides a solution on both fronts.

Whether it’s the little ones misbehaving or you feel like you need a screen break, simply snatch up the smartphones and bang them up inside a mini cage.

The sentence is up to you.

Created by Global Gizmos – a supplier of novelty products – the mobile phone jail measures 15cm x 13cm x 19cm, meaning there’s enough room to fit as many as five devices inside at any one time.

It could prove to be a very useful little contraption if you want to enjoy a family breakfast without everyone hunched over their glowing screens. Who knows, you might even end up talking to one another…

Get one online from Amazon here.

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