This Manchester residential company is giving new renters gift cards worth up to £750

Moving into a new property can be pricey and the expenses don’t always stop once you’re in the door.

After unpacking, you will invariably realise there’s a few extra bits required to make the place feel more “you” – and that’s when you end up toppling over budget.

But one landlord is helping renters get the essentials they need without paying a penny.

Get Living is offering new residents a chance to scoop an Amazon gift card worth up to £750* – to grab anything they like for their new home.

The promotion is running until the end of May in all Get Living neighbourhoods including New Maker Yards in Middlewood Locks, Manchester M5. 

The value of each gift card varies depending on the property type and gives new movers a sizeable voucher to use on the world’s biggest marketplace.

You’ll need to move in before 31 July to qualify – you can read all the terms and conditions on the Get Living website.

Head over to Get Living to find out more about the incredible properties available for rent right now.

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