Brickhouse Social is hosting a brand new Harry Potter-themed pub quiz

If you're a student looking for a mid-week break from reading or just a massive Potterhead, this is right up your Diagon Alley.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 4th October 2023

Everyone loves a good quiz and while we know there are some non-believers, we think it’s fair to say most people grew up loving Harry Potter. Put those two things together and what do you get? The perfect night out for a Potterphile.

No, we said ‘Potter-phile’.

Manc favourite hangout and popular student spot, Brickhouse Social, has just announced the launch of their new Harry Potter-themed pub quiz, the first of which is set to take place on 4 October.

And just like any good quiz team, any quiz worth its salt needs a good name. Let us introduce you to Brickhouse‘s first-ever ‘Quizitch’ night. Well played — five points to Gryffindor.

harry potter quiz manchester brickhouse social quizitch
Brickhouse Social’s newest pub quiz starts on Wednesday, 4 October.

Playing host to a horde of fantasy trivia nerds (ourselves firmly included) across their three-storey venue, the quiz starts at 7pm and will put Potterheads to the test with several rounds of questions about the famous book and film series devised by their resident Harry Potter expert.


From Azkaban, muggle magic and the Forbidden Forest to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Quizitch is set to be a Potterhead’s dream.

Better still, although it might not quite be the Triwizard Cup, there is going to be a veritable Honeydukes Express’ worth of prizes on offer, including bar tabs, slices of pizza and more.


Last but not least, the best part about this place is that once you’re all quizzed out, you can always head upstairs for a drink on the terrace, shoot some pool on the first floor or dance the night away at the Kable Club down in the basement afterwards.

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You can reserve a table by simply emailing [email protected] or you can always give the guys a ring on 0161 236 4899.

Now, we’ll warn you: spots are being snapped up quickly so get in touch ASAP if you want to take part and even if not, you can always try your luck in case someone drops out. Either way, this won’t be the last time you’ll see Brickhouse diving into the Wizarding World.


Lastly, if all else fails, it’s not like there aren’t a whole host of other great pub quizzes going on around Greater Manchester all week long.

Here’s just a handful:

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Featured Image — Brickhouse Social