Liverpool fans think there’s a Manchester conspiracy after City win derby

The Robe / Wikimedia

The dust of the Manchester Derby has settled, with City emerging victorious after a 2-0 win over their rivals at Old Trafford.

But the repercussions are far from over, and now some Liverpool fans have taken to Twitter to voice their theory that there’s some sort of Manchester conspiracy afoot.

Liverpool and City are currently going head-to-head for the title, with the Reds chasing their first league campaign win in 29 years.

Last night’s win moved the Blues to the top of the table with a goal difference of eight over Liverpool, who are only one point behind them as the season enters its final stages.

Liverpool fans were hoping their fierce rivals United would do them a favour in the race for the title, but they had no such luck, and some took to social media to express their annoyance with one player in particular.

United’s keeper David de Gea had a night to forget, letting in two goals that he really should have stopped.

Let the conspiracies commence:

To be fair to United, they’ve been absolutely awful recently, losing 4-0 to Everton on the weekend after capitulating out of the Champions League a few days before.

So no conspiracy, just Manchester United self-destructing as the season finishes.

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