Audi drivers are the worst in the UK, new survey finds

New research has confirmed what we already suspected, Audi drivers are the worst in the UK.

According to thousands of motorists, Audi drivers are the biggest bastards on our roads, with those who drive a Land Rover not far behind.

Seat drivers were judged to be the worst when it comes to road rage, however.

Vauxford / Wikimedia

At the other end of the spectrum, drivers of Volvos were voted the best behaved, safest and most responsible, with Hyundai and Honda drivers nor far behind.

Van Monster conducted the research, finding that Audi drivers were worst for 17 out of 33 motoring misdemeanours, including cutting motorists up, parking across two spaces, colliding with other vehicles, and parking on double yellow lines.

Vauxford / Wikimedia

On top of that, Audi drivers were found to be the least honest when it comes to damaging other people’s vehicles, choosing to drive off rather than own up to any damage they’ve caused.

Surprisingly, BMW drivers weren’t ranked worst for any misdemeanour.

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