Cadbury weighs in on ‘chocolate in the fridge or cupboard’ debate

The confectionary giant has stepped in to try and resolve the debate once and for all.
John Loo / Flickr

Bananas. Eggs. Ketchup. Chocolate. Four very different foods, with one trait in common.

Each of these items remain at the centre of an intense storage debate. Do they belong in the fridge? Or should they be kept in the cupboard?

The arguments have raged on since time immemorial. But now, the squabbling can finally stop. For chocolate, at least.

A Twitter user has demanded a definitive answer from Cadbury on how their products should be stored, and the confectionary company has issued a response.

To all of you waving the ‘cupboard’ flag: Well done. Turns out you were right all along.

Cadbury’s official Twitter account published a reply to the storage query this week, stating: “Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21°C to ensure the quality isn’t compromised.”

The user who asked Cadbury to get involved, @brunobbouchet, got the answer he was looking for, having previously posted a “definitive list” of what goes in the fridge… and what doesn’t.

He was on team cupboard from the start, but despite Cadbury’s clarification, he still couldn’t win over some of his fellow Twitter users.

“I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree,” wrote @den0us.

Hmm, maybe the debate isn’t over after all…

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