Dad loses 3.5 stone in 16 weeks with a few simple changes

Ultimate Performance

A dad has revealed how he turned his life around after making a few simple changes to his diet and exercise routine.

Paul Harrison, from Astley near Wigan, was overweight and ‘sick of being a slob’, so he joined a gym with his partner Louise in a bid to ditch their unhealthy lifestyle, The Mirror reports.

Paul, 41, managed to lose 46lb in 16 weeks, dropping from 16st 12b to 13st 8lb, and the whole family benefited physically from the health kick as they now go out for walks before the kids can play on their Xbox.

Floor layer Paul said:

I was sick of being a slob. I just used to live on fast food. I was always eating on the go - if I was hungry I would pull in at a petrol station and grab a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps to keep me going till I got home. I was just snacking all the time, drinking too much, going out a lot. If the football was on I would get six cans of lager, for no reason other than the football was on telly. I realised that I had to change.
Ultimate Performance

Paul got a nutrition plan from his gym in Manchester, Ultimate Performance, and alongside Louise he took part in three tough training session per week.

These combined with some simple diet changes helped transform their mindset, and instead of fast food or chocolate they switched to healthy alternatives like fish, veg and lean meat.

Ultimate Performance

Their new diet saw them eating steak and veg for breakfast, lean red meat or chicken and veg for dinner, and a prawn stir fry for tea, and Paul started seeing results within weeks.

Paul says: “Being at UP made me realise the type of things I was doing that were making me put on weight. Why get six cans of lager just because the football was on? It massively changed my mindset.”

Now the whole family are involved, going on long walks whenever they can. Paul, a dad of four, explains:

We do a lot of walking now as a family. At UP they really make a point of telling you to get your step count up each day - it’s not just about the exercise you do in the gym. I try to aim for 15,000 steps a day. You don’t realise that if you lounge round the house at the weekend it can get to 2pm and you will only have done 2,000 steps. So now I make sure we get out on lots of walks. The kids always say they want to play on the Xbox but they aren’t allowed to go on it unless they’ve been on the walk. We’ve also bought a dog as well, so that gets us out even more.
Ultimate Performance

What a transformation!

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