Fast walkers could live 15 years longer than slow walkers, study claims

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Personally I can’t stand slow walkers - so much so that I wrote a whole feature about it - and there’s nothing worse than getting caught in the midst of a bunch of slow bastards on Market Street.

Now there’s been some news that should get even the slowest of strollers to speed up - fast walkers may actually live longer than slowpokes.

And this is true regardless of their weight, a new study from Leicester University suggests. In it, researchers analyzed data on 474,919 people with an average age of 52.

National Cancer Institute

Their findings suggest that brisk walking women had a life expectancy of 86.7 to 87.8 years old, while dawdling ladies only had an expectancy of 72.4.

For men the picture looked similar, with fast walking men having a life expectancy of 85.2 to 86.8, and the slower among them only expected to live to 64.8 years old.

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The paper was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal last week, and those ratios even held true if the fast walkers were severely or morbidly overweight.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean fast walkers will definitely live longer, just that there’s a correlation between the two things, but experts think it suggests walking speed could be a way to judge patients’ health for doctors, along with other tests.

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