Cheeky fox has a p*ss in Wythenshawe man’s cup of tea

Ryan Robinson

How was your morning? Cold, dark, stressful? Well, it wasn't as bad as this guy's from Whythenshawe.

Ryan Robinson left his home pretty early yesterday morning, brew in hand, ready to stick some oil in his car before work.

He did just that, but what followed was a bit of a surprise.

Wow I shit you not came out to put oil in the car puts me brew on the floor & a fucking Mr Fox comes over and pisses init take a look at that KeeLyy Johnson ????????? For licensing/usage requests please email ?

Posted by Ryan Robo Robinson on Monday, December 9, 2019

Out of the dark comes a fox, who just casually p*sses in Ryan's brew, which had been left on the pavement while he stuck his head in the bonnet of his car.

The fox then strolls off without a care in the world after leaving the cup of tea even warmer than it was previously.

Ryan caught the moment on camera and can be heard shouting: "You little sh*t. Wow, a fox has p*ssed in my brew."

Ryan Robinson

The video has quickly gone viral on Ryan's Facebook page with 40,000 shares and 15,000 comments so far – and we can't see it stopping there.

People of Whythenshawe, keep your brews off the pavement!

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