Giant hand-sized Bourbon biscuits and Jammy Dodgers now exist

The Little Treats Bakery / Amazon

Whether you’ve chowed down on a fair few during lockdown, or your health kick’s banished them completely, there’s no denying that us Brits are partial to a biscuit every now and then.

Bourbons and Jammy Dodgers are undoubtedly firm favourites, but what’s better than them in regular size? Giant ones. We’re talking ‘potentially about the same size as an iPhone’ kind of giant and there’s an independent company selling them on Amazon.

Now, we know giant biscuits aren’t exactly new to the game. You could very well have laid your eyes on a giant Bourbon or Jammy Dodger before, but they haven’t been quite as easy to get your hands on before now.

The Little Treats Bakery, a “family of bakers that has been refining and honing recipes for over 25 years to ensure each and every mouthful is a bite of joy”, is the selling these GIANTS creations and states in the product description that: “There’s nothing dainty about these biscuits”.

“We’ve taken the nations favourites and scaled them up for maximum satisfaction.”

The Little Treats Bakery / Amazon

Now that we’ve come to an agreement that giant Bourbons and Jammy Dodgers are better than regular sized ones, what’s even better than that? The fact you can buy them in multi-packs, obviously.

A 78g x 14 case of GIANTS Bourbon Biscuits and a 69g x 14 case of GIANTS Jammy Sandwiches will set you back just £13.99 each.

If these aren’t quite taking your fancy though, then there’s a few others in the range to pick from, including a giant ‘Cookies & Cream’, which basically looks like a big Oreo, and a x3 selection pack with a GIANTS Custard Creme in it too.

Those with a sweet tooth and an Amazon Prime account will also be pleased to know that the GIANTS biscuit range is eligible for all the delivery perks that the subscription premium has to offer, so you won’t have to be waiting that long to treat yourself.

You can buy the GIANTS x The Little Treats Bakery range from Amazon here.

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