Guy collects uninsured car from police in a Lamborghini with no insurance

GMP Traffic / Twitter

Criminals aren’t known for being the smartest bunch, but this guy really takes the prize.

You’d think if you were going to collect a car from the police that had been seized for having no insurance, you’d make sure you arrived in an insured vehicle.

Well you’d THINK that, but this guy didn’t get the memo, according to GMP, and he turned up in an uninsured Lamborghini.

The GMP Traffic account posted about the incident on Twitter, saying a driver turned up to collect his uninsured car in another uninsured car, which was subsequently seized.

They wrote:

if you're going to turn up at the police station to reclaim your previously seized vehicle for no insurance, it might be worth checking that the car you turn up in is covered on your policy first. this lambo is now on its way to join his other car. driver reported.

Now he has no cars and has been reported, whoops...

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