Home Bargains are selling a light-up bath bomb for less than £2

One Mum has taken to social media to share her recent purchase of a light up bath bomb for less than £2 at Home Bargains and other mums are going mad for it.

Whether bath time is the much needed moment of respite after a of a long day, or just ends up being a bit of a battle with kids each night, this bath bomb is sure to lighten the mood.

The Light Up Bath Bomb collection has three in its range, is suitable for children ages 6+ (or adults who are still kids at heart), has a reusable LED light up toy inside and invites you to “drop me in the bath to reveal my surprise”.

The best bit is that it’s only £1.69 from your local Home Bargains store.

Sharing the bargain bath bomb in a post to the ever-popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook, the Mum wrote: “These are amazing”.

“£1.69 in Home Bargains, inside comes with an LED flasher, which is reusable too”.

“They’ve become a nightly thing in our house!”

After sharing to the group this week, the post has gone down very well with Mums across the UK, having amassed well over 5,000 interactions and comments from others eager to see if the bath bombs are in stock at their local store.

Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

Home Bargains doesn’t tend to have an extensive range of products available via its website, so if you are looking to pick up a ‘light up bath bomb’, you unfortunately won’t be able to do so online.

A quick search elsewhere does reveal a few other alternatives that are available to get your hands on if you aren’t able to make a trip to your nearest store, but they do seemed to be steeped in price somewhat and often need to be shipped from other countries, so you’re best bet is to check out a Home Bargains branch next time you’re shopping for essentials.

If you are looking to properly treat yourself though, the Home Bargains lockdown essentials ‘Bath Time & Pampering Box’ will set you back £19.99 (inc delivery) and you can buy that via its website here.

With stock tending to be similar, it might be a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for these bath bombs on the shelves at other UK discount stores as well.

It’s advisable to check the opening times for your nearest Home Bargains branch before you make any trips.

You can do so via the store locator here.

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