It’s National Girlfriend Day today so let your other half know

Just a heads up lads and ladies, it’s National Girlfriend Day today so you better get ready to spoil your other half.

‘But’, I hear you ask, ‘every day is bloody National Girlfriend Day isn’t it!?’ Well, sort of, but today is officially the day, so no excuses.

Treat your partner to something special, like a Greggs sausage roll and a trip down Spoons (it’s probably best you think of something better than that to be honest, but if it was me being taken out I’d be a very happy gal).

And don’t worry if you’re single and have no one to treat you to a sausage roll, you can celebrate the day with your girl pals (they are girlfriends as well, after all).

Get together and celebrate, sink a few drinks and do whatever makes you happy - yeah I know that’s vague, but after my Greggs and a pint suggestion I thought it best to let you make your own choices.

And don’t worry lads, the girls don’t get all the fun, there’s a National Boyfriend Day too on October 3rd, so get the date saved now.

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